Preparing to Sell Your Home in Sydney? Take Advantage of Accessible Pool Safety Inspections First

Having access to a luxurious amenity at home such as a swimming pool can be a large part of a home’s appeal. Perfect for cooling off in the heat of summer and a focal point for outdoor entertaining year-round, pools have plenty of benefits — adding value to your property is another. When the time comes for you to list your home for sale, it’s easy to think only regarding what your pool adds in terms of appeal. However, those who plan to sell a property with a pool must ensure that they can supply a recent pool safety inspection from a Sydney provider.

Mandatory since 2016, these inspections ensure that all the right criteria have been met for safety, from a lack of easily climbable objects to fencing that is at the appropriate height. Essential for preventing accidental drowning and the potential for other injuries, regulations require that these features receive the approval of a certified inspector before any transfer of the property. This way, the new owner or tenant can trust that everything is as it should be, legally and practically. At E1 Pool Certifier, we offer a fast and uncomplicated way for those in Sydney who need a pool safety inspection to meet these requirements. Consider the smooth process we provide.

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Getting Your Pool Safety Inspection In Sydney Is Easy

An easy online booking process for pool safety inspections in Sydney starts things off, allowing you to select timing that’s convenient to your schedule. We advise that you perform your own basic check of the area to ensure there are no clear deficiencies (i.e., climbable objects) that could cause a failed inspection. On the day of your booked inspection, we arrive on time to begin; homeowners do not have to be present, though we recommend it. If you cannot be at home, please secure any animals and arrange for access with us beforehand.

The entire process takes approximately one hour. If your pool passes, congratulations! There is nothing else you need to do in this area to prepare for your sale. Within two days, we’ll issue your new certificate and update your official record with the NSW safety authorities. Let prospective buyers know the certificate remains effective for three years. For pools that do not pass, we furnish owners with a highly detailed report that outlines what steps you must take to correct the problem. Up to six weeks later, we can perform a re-inspection to confirm compliance.

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Not only is it simple to meet your obligation in Sydney for pool safety inspections, but it is affordable, too. E1 Pool Certifier delivers a high-value service for all-inclusive pricing. That means no hidden fees or last-minute additions to the bill so that you can plan your budget accordingly. Be sure to do your part to help prevent accidental drownings while presenting a home for sale that’s as safe as possible. Need answers to some questions before you book? Reach out to us online today.

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