Pool & Spa Certification Pricing

  • Standard Pool Inspection/Assessment (Residential)$330 inc gst
  • Spa Only Inspection/Assessment (Residential)$220 inc gst
  • Re-Inspections (Original Owners)$220 inc gst
  • Re-Inspections (New Owners)$220 inc gst
  • Commercial/Shared Pool$399 inc gst

E1 Pool Certifier team are Inspectors and Assessors. We provide Pool Owners advice about swimming pool and fencing and can then advise on issues & remediation to legal standards. Our Certification pricing reflects our quality reports fast service and detail and commitment to safety.

Qualifications include full understanding of relevant Australian Standards and council authority requirements to ensure official pool certification approval.

Full Detail reporting includes descriptions of issues and defects using photos and diagrams and referencing to Australian Standards ensures non compliant pools can be addressed immediately.

Non compliant pools are issued with a safety report outlining non-compliance details in line with NSW Pool Safety Regulations.

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