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There are many reasons to schedule a Sydney pool inspection for your home’s swimming pool. From legal compliance to child safety, bringing in a professional to certify the safety of your pool can yield a long list of benefits. Having a swimming pool on your property is a lot of fun, but it also comes with higher levels of responsibility than merely owning a house. If you are selling a home with a swimming pool, meanwhile, you will also need to take steps to make sure the pool is both certified and registered. At E1 Pool Certifier, we can help on both fronts.

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Understanding Your Obligations When Selling a Property with a Swimming Pool

If you are in the process of listing or selling a house with a swimming pool on the premises, the good news is that a pool is an attractive feature for many buyers. A swimming pool will help you attract a certain segment of the buying population while also adding value to your home. In many cases, swimming pools are also a gorgeous landscaping feature, adding aesthetic value and kerb appeal to your property.

However, it’s also important to understand that a swimming pool can become an anchor during the selling process if you aren’t clear. As of April 2016, New South Wales law requires any pool or spa to be certified and registered as part of the NSW Pool Register. You cannot legally sell (or lease) a property with a swimming pool until the pool is properly certified and registered. To get your pool on the NSW Pool Register, you need to go through a pool inspection from a qualified certifier. E1 Pool Certifier can provide this type of pool inspection in Sydney.

If you fail to certify and register your pool ahead of a sale, that oversight will at very least delay the sale process. In some situations, problems with pool certification can even torpedo pending real estate deals. Simply put, not every buyer is willing to wait.

Call E1 Pool Certifier for a Sydney Pool Inspection Today

Don’t wait for a problem with your swimming pool to derail a potential high-value sale of your home. Instead, call E1 Pool Certifier and ask about our pool inspections in Sydney. We are qualified to provide pool certificates, including the necessary certifications and registrations to get your pool on the NSW Pool Register. We can assess your pool, prepare detailed reports about safety matters, work with you to resolve compliance issues, and prepare your pool for sale. With our help, you will not only be able to sell your pool legally to a new buyer, but you will be able to ensure that buyer that the pool is safe and 100 percent up to code.

Are you looking for Sydney pool inspections to get your swimming pool on the NSW Pool Register? Contact E1 Pool Certifier today to get started.

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