E1 Pool Certifier is Trusted Name in Pool Fence Certifiers in Sydney

Owning a pool comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. Not only do you have to maintain it but you are required to have your pool and surrounding fence certified to ensure that the area is safe for use.

E1 Pool Certifier is an authority on the regulations that must be met for your pool to be certified. We assist you throughout the process of obtaining the certification and help with any changes that must be made to the area in case there is a safety issue.

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About this Certification

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NSW Swimming Pool Regulations and Laws have changed. Swimming pool and spa owners are required to register their swimming pools at swimmingpoolregister.nsw. gov.au.

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Compliance Certification Pricing

Certification Pricing

We provide Pool Owners advice about swimming pool and spas and can then advise on issue remediation to legal standards.

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What You Can Expect from Our Pool Fence Certifier in Sydney

As professional pool fence certifiers in Sydney, we comply with strict obligations during our inspection. After you schedule your appointment, one of our Sydney pool fence certifiers will inspect the fence around your pool or spa. If we find that your pool fence is in accordance with the current laws, we will issue you a certificate of compliance and place it on record with the Pool Safety Register.

If our Sydney pool fence certifier finds your pool’s fence to be non-compliant, we will provide you with the adjustments required. Our certifier can offer remediation recommendations and advice to make the updating process straightforward.

Your pool and fence area need to be re-certified every three years. A failure to re-certify your pool could be a costly mistake as you could incur penalties. Our team understands that you always have a lot going on in your life which is why we send reminders to you around the time that your certification is due for renewal.

What Safety Standards Do You Need to Meet?

To meet the safety standards mandated by NSW laws, a pool gate or fence must open outward without any obstruction. The gate must also be self-closing. The enclosure must be structurally sound with no evidence of rust. There can be no gaps in the structure of more than 100mm. It is important to remember that you need to remove any objects that a person can climb on from the area. For example, pool chairs, pool toys or tables should be set back as far away from the fence as possible. Additionally, you need to remove any trees or overgrown branches around the barrier. It is not advisable to decorate this area with potted plants as they could be a foothold to jump over the gate.

A resuscitation chart must be clearly visible in your pool area. This chart is a vital resource in case of a drowning or choking emergency.

We Work with You as Your Sydney Pool Fence Certifier

Our highly trained pool fence certifier in Sydney understands the necessity of providing you with a full inspection. The ultimate goal is to get your pool and barrier up to code so that you can enjoy it with your family and friends without having to worry about their safety.

To find out more about our Sydney pool fence certifiers make sure to call us on 0414 446 780 or send us your questions using the contact form below.

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