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Proper safety is a leading cause of concern for any pool owner. While accidents can happen at any time, you can take specific steps now to ensure that your pool is compliant with the latest safety requirements in the country.

E1 Pool Certifier offers a full inspection to obtain a pool compliance certificate in Sydney. This vital certification has a direct bearing on whether you can enjoy your pool with the confidence that it is entirely up to code.

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NSW Swimming Pool Regulations and Laws have changed. Swimming pool and spa owners are required to register their swimming pools at swimmingpoolregister.nsw. gov.au.

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Certification Pricing

We provide Pool Owners advice about swimming pool and spas and can then advise on issue remediation to legal standards.

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What is a Pool Compliance Certificate in Sydney?

Obtaining a Sydney pool compliance certificate became a requirement for all pool owners in April 2016. This safety standard mandates that any swimming or spa pools must be formally inspected to ensure that they meet specific requirements.

A swimming pool or spa is deemed to be a structure that can be filled to a depth of 30cm or more. This holds true for any pool that is indoor, portable, in ground or above-ground. In short, if your pool was created for swimming, paddling or any aquatic fun, it requires a certificate of compliance. Any spa that you can empty does not require a certification.

It is important to remember that if you are selling a property with a pool, you will need to show proof that your pool compliance certificate in Sydney is current. If you do not have a certificate, you must obtain one before any sale.

A certificate of compliance remains valid for three years. At the end of the third year, another inspection must take place. If your certification is not adequately maintained, you can face hefty general fines and on-the-spot fines.

What Services Do We Include with a Sydney Pool Compliance Certificate?

After you schedule an assessment, the next step is for our pool certifier to come to your property for a full onsite consultation and provide a comprehensive report of our findings. If adjustments have to be made to your pool, our certifier will come back out to re-inspect the area and provide you with a final report. We also offer remediation recommendations for pools that fall short of passing the assessment. You will receive a compliance certification, and we will provide an electronic lodgement with the Pool Safety Register certify that your pool is up to code.

Our services also include regular inspections as needed. We supply you with expiry reminders so this way you never fall short of your compliance requirements.

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E1 Pool Certifier is an authority on pool compliance certificates in Sydney. Our professional pool certifier ensures that your pool meets the latest safety directives. While obtaining Sydney pool compliance certificates may seem overwhelming, our company prides itself on making the process as comfortable as possible. We provide you with a full assessment and supply you with any advice on improvements required.

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