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Did you know that, as of April 2016, New South Wales requires all pools in the state to be formally registered and certified? There is now a database, called the NSW Pool Register, that should include every pool in NSW. From pools at single-family homes to pools owned and operated by strata properties, all the way to hotels or caravan parks, it’s essential for every swimming pool owner in NSW to pay attention to this regulation. At E1 Pool Certifier in Sydney, we can help by offering thorough pool inspections and helping you get your pool certified and listed on the NSW Pool Register.

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NSW Swimming Pool Regulations and Laws have changed. Swimming pool and spa owners are required to register their swimming pools at swimmingpoolregister.nsw.

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What to Expect When You Work with Our Sydney Pool Certifier

The first step, before calling E1 Pool Certifier, is to double-check whether your swimming pool is on the NSW Pool Register. You can learn more about the register—or look up a specific pool—by visiting

If your pool is unregistered, you should get in touch with E1 Pool Certifier ASAP. Our Sydney pool certifier is qualified to help you register and certify your swimming pool so that it not only appears on the register but also complies with all state requirements and regulations. We will inspect your swimming pool, determine what needs to be done to bring it into compliance and then work to certify and register the pool.

The date for compliance and registration on the NSW Pool Register was 29 April 2016. If you missed the legislation when it passed, you might feel reluctant to take steps towards compliance now. However, with this legislation, ‘better late than never’ is a fitting mantra. If you are not yet compliant, it’s better to take steps to rectify that fact than hope no one ever notices. There can be significant legal and financial consequences for noncompliance and getting compliant is always the best choice—even if doing so means being a little late.

In particular, it’s important to note that you cannot legally sell a property with a swimming pool unless the pool in question is registered or certified. You cannot lease an unregistered pool, either. At E1 Pool Certifier, we have received many throughout 2017 and 2018 from property owners who weren’t aware of the new regulations until they started preparing to sell their homes or businesses. An unregistered pool can slow down or entirely derail a real estate transaction. As such, it is essential to call Sydney pool certifiers before you list a home or business that includes a swimming pool.

Your certifier will help you identify problems that might affect the safety or compliance of your pool—such as the design of your pool fence, the condition of hinges or latches on gates, the presence of any climbable objects near the fence (trees, bushes, etc.) and more. Fixing these issues will help you reach compliance and prepare your pool for legal registration and certification.

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If you are only just now learning about NSW’s new pool certification rules, don’t delay any further. Instead, call pool certifiers in Sydney and let them help you achieve compliance. E1 Pool Certifier is ready to lend a hand, so contact us today.

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