Acquire a Pool Certification in Sydney In Time to Rent Your Property

Property investments are often a smart place to put your money, owing to real estate’s long-term stability and tendency to appreciate; they can even generate revenue for you now or help to pay for a mortgage through rental income. However, there are some rules and regulations you’ll need to keep in mind as you embark on the journey of being a landlord. For those who intend to rent a property that includes a swimming pool, for example, you’ll need to have a recent safety certificate on file before you can even think about signing a lease agreement. In Sydney, pool certifications have been mandatory since early 2016. Before you can offer the property for rent, you’ll need to make sure all the essential safety criteria have been met.

It’s not just about putting up fencing; it’s about making sure that everything in place is to the correct specifications. At E1 Pool Certifier, we make this process fast, simple, and straightforward. By streamlining the process for verifying the safety of the property and readying it for the rental market, we help our clients save time and avoid stress. To ensure that your Sydney pool receives its certification, there are some things a homeowner can examine before we arrive. What should you keep in mind as you have a look around the property’s pool area?

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What Should You Check Before an Inspection?

First, ensure that fencing has been properly installed and that it is free from any serious damage. Regulations require specific dimensions both regarding height and the permissible gap between bars of the fence, however, our inspector will take detailed measurements, so the task does not fall to you. While examining the condition of the fencing, check all latches and hinges as well. Latches must be at an appropriate height to avoid allowing children to tamper with them and must freely self-lock after an opening of the gate.

Next, walk around the pool area and assess whether there are any climbable objects near the fencing. Objects include not only items such as outdoor furniture but also vegetation such as potted plants or an overgrown shrub. Remove or mitigate these hazards to improve the likelihood of obtaining your pool certification in Sydney after the first inspection. Finally, ensure that you’ve acquired and appropriately displayed CPR signage. All signs purchased since 2017 must display an updated CPR procedure.

Reach Out for Help With Pool Certifications in Sydney

With that finished, you’re ready to call for help from a provider of pool certifications in Sydney. At E1 Pool Certifier, we visit your site promptly after making arrangements and conduct a thorough inspection according to detailed criteria. If your property passes, we will issue a certificate and immediately register the passing grade with the authorities. If it does not, we will provide you with a detailed report of deficiencies, including photographs, to help you plan corrective actions. With an all-inclusive fee and no hidden surprises, you can easily access our services while preparing your property for its future as a rental. Book your inspection online now, or contact us with your questions via the form below.

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